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Gas Buddy

Excellent app. Nice new look. Great for travel.


I would not want to be without this app. It is fantastic.

The best app

The best app for gas prices

Good app

Really like app accurate always saves me a few bucks

Stop updating

Your app gets worse every time you update it. Its still convenient but go back to the originals

Very handy Never fail

I see some ppl complaint about too many ads. I have v3.0.3 and use with iPhone but I didnt that mush of an issue. Amazing app. I used it very often and never fail, not even once! Deserve full stars for sure!! I can filter by distance or price and it is awesome!

A must have for the conscious driver

This is a no brainer, this app can save you $ during the year. Just make sure to participate with pricing. The community is pretty active, so thats awesome. Good job.

Good app, poor rewards

The app itself is great, but the rewards system is severely lacking. Dont expect people to put effort in for a "chance" at a reward. This needs to be revamped so you can bank points and spend them on gift cards or discounts, not the current system of "put in the work and well give you the opportunity to win a prize if youre lucky"

Great app

Use it all the time. Great for road trips.

Not so good anymore

This app used to be awesome! Now it has something against Costco Gas Bars. I can be standing at a Costco Gas Bar and the App doesnt recognize that there is a Costco gas bar in the vicinity. It used to be awesome now its just plain junk.

Still no notifications

Great app, but notifications stopped working a year ago and I have not changed any of my settings! Got one notification of prices going up about a month ago. One notification in a year. Not what I signed up for!

Very Useful App

This is very handy, especially when traveling. I check ahead to see where I can get the best price.

My most used app

I use this app more than any other, it saves me time and more importantly money! The challenges and free fuel draws are a great feature as well!

Some great, most useless

The functionality of finding gas prices anywhere in North America has been and continues to be excellent. This newest version has a lousy user interface, however. Most of the buttons & links dont work. I find I only use this app for finding gas prices lately, I hardly report prices anymore, due to the frustration of trying to use it.


This is amazing. Absolutely invaluable.

Best app I have!!!

If your a penny pincher like me, this app is for you.

Gas. Buddy

Excellent app like that it works For diesel also!


Good App. Very accurate information and on time

Awesome app

Please continue the good work, this app has been helpful

Where are my favourites

I hate the new version / I cant find my favourites so it makes it very difficult to check the prices - please fix this

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